Leadership and management training

Transform Managers into Leaders

in 2 hours a month

Our promise is to turn your technical managers into skilled people leaders in 2 hours a month - or you get your money back.

In 90 days your managers will become more:

  • efficient with their time

  • effective with their people

  • proactive in their role

Leaders will get 5+ hours back a week.

HR teams will get a ready-to-rollout system that's customized in your workplace.

We guarantee you'll see Breakthrough results in 90 days. Or you don't pay.

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  • Program completion
  • Learner satisfaction
  • Client complaints
  • Infinite Breakthroughs

How our Breakthrough system works

'It's been unreal. Six months ago the discussions were about fighting fires and reacting. Now we're planning ahead and preventing problems. We have happier supervisors and teams who get a lot more done.'

'It’s easy, time efficient and learning is cemented – it’s a continuous program that's really making a difference.’

'I've learned more in 12 months than the last 4 years. Developing my skills have made me more successful with my team. I'd get all my staff to do this program.'

Special offer for KEA members

Get $1000 off your first cohort

Get $1000 discount on the total price your first cohort (up to 10 people) joining our Active Manager Program. Limited to new The Breakthrough Co clients. 

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